Ever since Wings & Sides opened up in Wolverhampton, I knew I had to try it. I suggested to my boyfriend that we go on our next date night, only we discovered you needed reservations to get in and they were booked solid for a month. So we made our reservations and patiently waited for the day to come.

Once our reservation date came, we were both giddy with excitement to come in. We’d heard good things which is what made me really want to come. My boyfriend and I love wings but nothing in Wolverhampton has ever really wowed us. Until now that is.

The difference at Wings & Sides is that the focus is all about wings. In fact, there are 10 different flavours to choose from and three different styles – classic, grilled, and boneless. This palace of wings definitely lived up to its stellar reputation in our eyes.

So what did we think about Wings & Sides? Well, the location wasn’t where we expected it to be, but the restaurant style was really cool. We liked the concept and the dedicated focus to wings. After checking in for our reservations, our hostess led us through the buzzing restaurant to our table. It was packed and full of life, a testament to the reservations no doubt.

We ordered drinks first. Daniel ordered a beer while I chose the mango smoothie. I debated ordering a beer but after a sip of my mango smoothie, I wasn’t sorry. It was the right choice. It was absolutely to die for!

With such a scrummy-looking menu, it was hard to choose but we finally settled on the honey smoked BBQ wings and the guava scotch wings. We chose sides of seasoned fries, mac and cheese, and a waffle to accompany our wings. My only complaint at this point was that the service was a little bit slow, but it was forgivable given how packed the restaurant was. And our server was friendly and cheerful every time she popped round our table so we could tell she was doing her best.

Also, we were hungry and time truly stands still when you’re waiting for food. And then, it arrived. Daniel and I were drooling at the sight of it. We could smell the smoky honey flavours of my wings and the sweetness of the guava scotch wings as soon as they were set before us. We promptly dug right into our wings, savagely devouring them. They were perfectly cooked and juicy, and delightfully messy and sticky as wings like this should be. It’s hard to say which wings we liked best. These were brilliant choices.

The fries were cooked perfectly too. Hot, crispy, and seasoned well without being overbearing. The mac and cheese was rich, gooey, and creamy, and that waffle! Oh wow. It was a shining star on our plate of sides. We gobbled it all down, and relished that feel-good feeling you get from comfort food that satisfies on all levels.

Incidentally, Wings & Sides does offer grilled wings for a healthier option, but we wanted to indulge. It’s nice to know though that you can opt for healthy choices here though.

We loved Wings & Sides so much that if it weren’t for the month-long wait for reservations, we’d go again tomorrow. Instead, we’ve made another reservation and are eager to explore more of the menu the next time. We hope service will be a little speedier next time, and we dearly wish they would start a takeaway service so we wouldn’t have to wait, but it is absolutely worth the wait. We give it 9.8 out of 10. Go! Visit: