Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Lawn

Your lawn determines the overall attractiveness of your property, so take care of it and keep it looking healthy and fresh at all times. Here are tips on how to maintain your yard’s beautiful appearance:

Water It Regularly

The general rule about watering is to do it heavily. Deeply moistening your yard helps develop roots, which will result in a denser turf. Sprinkling water will only slightly wet the grass and surface of the soil.

You’ll know you’ve saturated the ground when there’s about an inch of water above the surface. The best time to do this is early in the morning when the pressure of the water is high. You should also sprinkle your turf at dusk when the sun is low, and it’s not too hot to prevent evaporation.

Pull Out Weeds

Weeds are inevitable. But, if they’re invasive and keep regrowing, you must deal with them promptly because their roots will strengthen. They’ll be more difficult to pull out. The best way to minimize them is by:

  • Not mowing too short
  • Using organic mulch
  • Not under- or over-watering your lawn
  • Using herbicides

You can easily remove them by hand or with a handheld weeder. If you plan on using an herbicide, ensure that it’s properly applied. Follow the instructions recommended by the manufacturer.

Aerate Your Lawn

Apart from water, sunlight, and minerals, roots need oxygen too. You can let your turf breathe by aerating it. This process allows nutrients to penetrate the soil deeply, encouraging more plant growth. To keep your lawn healthy, do this step regularly.

You may rent a lawn aerator from a home improvement store. Ask them to give you instructions on how to do this soil treatment if it’s your first time.

Mow Regularly

Mowing makes grasses grow denser and greener. Regularly trim your turf by using an appliance with sharp blades. You may also use a pair of shears.

How often you need to mow your yard depends on the time of the year. You should do it more frequently during the summer because the warmer weather encourages the grass to grow quicker.

These are some tips on how to take care of your lawn. Talk to aprofessional of lawn care services in Atlanta to learn more about beautifying and maintaining your yard.