Get Accustomed to Few Important Slot Terminologies, That You Will Soon Use

If you are new to casino and particularly slot game, which is one of the most popular games hosted by most of the casino sites, then it is important to get familiar with few important terminologies.

While playing for slot offers available on online casinos hosted by OFFERSVILLE, reading this article will prove to be really very handy for you.

Usually, slot games are the easiest games among all other casino games and hence it has become very popular particularly among the beginners. Here, in this game you really do not need any special skills or prior knowledge about the game.

After getting little more familiarity with this slot games, your chances of winning can also be increased. Hence, most people like to play this game at least once in a day.

Following are few important terms that you should know before joining any slot game that can be useful for you.

  • 3D slot

Everything in this slot game, like interface, symbols or introduction etc. will be in 3D.

  • Auto play

A popular feature in any slot game, which will allow your reels to automatically spin for 10, 20 or even 100, so that player need not click button every time for spinning.

  • Bet

Your bet will be the total money wagered by you for each round or spin of slot game.

  • Bet levels

The money wagered on certain specific pay line.

  • Bonus game

One popular feature of slot game, which can increase your gaming pleasure

  • Cascading reels

Another bonus feature, after you win then winning combination will disappear from the screen.

  • Cold slot

A popular slang term often used for such games that do not pay out often or may not pay too soon

  • Double or nothing

Another gamble feature in few slot games that allow players to place a bet or wager on their win

  • Expanding wild

In most slot games such types of symbols are offered, which can expand wildly for covering the entire reel and creates a better winning chance.

  • Free spin

Here, you can win money without putting your money on online slots.

  • Fixed jackpot

In any fixed jackpot feature, you can win fixed money, despite the player continues playing, the set winning limit, but amount of winning does not increase.

  • High volatility

In such slots, players may win or lose very large amount at the same time.

  • Jackpot

When the biggest win is made on your given slot machine called jackpot.

  • Low volatility

Those slots are little less risky as compared to others.

  • Moving wild

When different pay lines are hit then these special symbols move to different position for the benefit of the player.

  • Multiplier

A unique, in-built features of slot machine which multiply winnings by certain predetermined numerical to increase the wins.

  • Nudge

After spin is completed, nudge will feature in slot shifts symbols into different position, so that player can conclude more win numbers.

  • Pay line

A line that will display winning symbol combinations and accordingly pay-out will be awarded.

  • Row

A ‘row’ in slots will represent horizontal line, which consists of symbols that are aligned on reels and the number in different slots can vary.