Gyms Are Re-opening – Follow The 5 rules To Be Safe During COVID-19

In cities and states gym are re-opening after a long time. Now, people will have an option to workout at gym, but the most important thing you have to keep in mind is transmission of coronavirus is not yet completed. So, you have to take necessary precautions while going to gym to protect yourself from COVID-19.

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The following are few steps suggested by healthcare experts that help you in staying safe during workouts.

Make sure whether the equipment is cleaned properly

Coronavirus even remains on surface, so it’s very important to check whether all the machines in the gym are cleaned often. Discuss about cleaning policy and products used in the process for safety. You can even use your own disinfectant spray before using the machines. If you feel rushed, uncomfortable or stressed, ask yourself whether it’s right time to return to the gym.

Be punctual

Reach your gym on time so that you can avoid rush. If it is crowded maintain social distance, wait until it gets clear and move ahead.

Maintain social distance

The machines in gym should be at least 6 feet away from one another. In case, you found that the space between the machines is not adequate then there will be more chances of getting infection. Choosing less crowded timing and location is the best option to stay safe during COVID-19.

Get your supplies

When going to gym take your supplies like hand sanitizer, mats, water bottle, towels and others from your home. This ensures that you are using safe things, which are not contaminated. Avoid using disposable glasses at gym carry a water bottle and use it while working out. Prepare for workout at home as most of the changing rooms and lockers will be closed for safety.

Wear a face mask

Wear a face mask in public places before as well as after workout. Remove the mask once everything is sanitized. Also, maintain social distance during workout. Gym staff has to wear face mask to honor public health, in case they are not using insist them.

Actually, it seems to be ideal to wear face mask during workout, but experts recommend that wearing it while doing workouts, jogging, walking or other activities acts as barrier to the airflow as well as increases rate of heart beat. It becomes hard for you to catch breathe and can experience light-headedness or dizziness.

In addition to these also wear gloves that will help you in 2 ways. They are: you can stay away from bacteria and germs on gym equipment and you can prevent touching face accidentally.

If you feel sick or gym is crowded, then stay at your home to be safe. In case, you are returning to the gym take as much care as possible.

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