Are You Aware About Few Reasons Why People Love to Use Bongs?

People have been using various cannabis devices since many years. We have bongs, pipes, vaporizers and joints to consume cannabis. However, bongs are around for many years and still going strong.

This kind of water pipe meant for smoking was first introduced in China during the Ming dynasty in the 16th century. Through Persia and Silk Road it arrived in China and became most popular way of consuming cannabis.

Here we would like to share few benefits of using bongs for smoking cannabis or any other weeds. You can buy bongs nowadays from any nearby smokshop of your area. Also, if you are interested to buy from online then visit the website where you can find many different varieties of bongs.

1. Bongs can produce smoother hits

As hot smoke will enter into the lungs through joints, dry pipes or blunts, it can produce an unpleasant burning sensation, which might deter any newbies.

By using bong, smoke cools down before you are going to inhale it, and provide you with smoother hit.

2. Better filtration

If you light anything on fire then it will produce carcinogens. Unfortunately, bong too can’t eliminate all toxins and carcinogens. However, by using a bong, you can significantly reduce a number of damaging compounds, which end up in the lungs, as they will be filtered through water.

3. Bongs can reduce mold and bacteria

Water of the bong can trap bacteria and mold and reduce number of microbes that you will inhale. Often cannabis users like to pass pipes, joints and bongs around, and that also passes illnesses.

Having a bong, few of those contaminants will get filtered through water instead of going into your lungs.

4. Getting bigger hits

Glass bong is a favorite device of many of the experienced stoners. It can only allow users to take massive rip. You could theoretically fill the container full with smoke and then take it all within a single hit.

Though massive hits are not healthy way of consuming an herb, but it can sure be fun.

5. Bongs can be fun

You will find bongs not only practical way of smoking, but also, they are excellent conversation starters. A glass is quite versatile material which is available in many different colors range. The mold-ability of the glass will allow artists to create different artistic bongs in endless shapes and designs.

6. Bongs don’t need any battery

Your smoking will never interrupt or stop due to unavailability of battery or absence of any battery charger.

7. Bongs can cool down your smoke

Bongs will cool down your smoke with water, and hence you will not get any nasty cough. The water will act as filtration and thus prevent harmful substances to get inside your lungs.

8. Bongs are portable

Another plus point of having a bong as smoking device is that you can easily carry them anywhere when you are on the move.

So, these are all the reasons why bong is still very popular device used for smoking cannabis.