Common Mistakes That You Should Avoid When Buying A Chandelier for Your Home

We are all earning to fulfill our dreams and live a luxurious life. Your home tells a lot about you and its interiors tell even more about your standard of living. What do you imagine when you think of a luxurious home? Great looking furniture, antique designer elements, huge drawing rooms, and obviously, a chandelier.

Chandeliers have been a sign of elegance and luxury from the ancient period till now. Only people who lived in high societies had chandeliers in their homes. Not anymore! Sofary lighting is a place where any middle-class man can purchase luxurious lighting at affordable price.

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Things you must consider while buying a chandelier:


You must always keep in mind space in your room when you are choosing a chandelier. If the height of your room is 9ft, you must not choose a chandelier which is 7ft or 8ft low. You must determine the right height of your chandelier to have a certain amount of space between the floor, tables, walls, and other elements.


You must choose the right size that is in the proper ratio with your room’s size. If your room is not so wide, you must choose a smaller chandelier for it. You can buy a large one or maybe buy a few small chandeliers for a wider space. You don’t have to limit yourself by buying just one large chandelier. The advantage of having a few smaller ones is that it will distribute light evenly.

Other things you must consider are design and quality material.

What not to do while buying a chandelier?

  • Forgetting the function: As we know, chandeliers are symbols of elegance and luxury. They are artistic pieces to decorate your room. Hence, you must consider the elements of your room when buying a chandelier. Its main purpose is to provide sufficient light in the room but sometimes we forget that.
  • Neglect wiring: Safety must be your priority as most of the chandelier misfunctions happen due to wrong wiring. If you don’t want anyone to get an electric shock, you must make sure that the wiring is done by a professional.
  • Insufficient lighting: You must know that the most important thing to consider in your room is the lighting. Bad lighting will not enhance the colors in your room. No matter how bright your paint is, it will look dull if there isn’t proper lighting. Hence, you must not underestimate the power of lighting as it sets the mood for your home.

Rules are to be broken: You might want to consider the rules mentioned above to buy our perfect chandelier but it might not please you. Well, you don’t have to be afraid to break these rules as long as it suits your style and comfort. It’s not a bad thing to experiment with styles.