Top 11 Tips to Decorate Your Home in The Farmhouse Style


If you are bored with the same style of interior everyone follows, it’s definitely time to try something interesting and exciting. If farmhouse style interior has always attracted you, you need not buy a farm house, but simply decorate your home in farmhouse style. It is a perfect combination of new and old, sophisticated and shabby, traditional and contemporary.


Besides, designing a farmhouse style house is pretty easy. All you need to do is follow the simple tips given here, and buy some farmhouse décor wall art from After all, they have amazing options for vintage rustic hanging wall sign. So, let’s see how you can redecorate your existing house in farmhouse style…


11 Tips to decorate home in farmhouse style


  1. Go for stone flooring

Stone flooring with some greenery gives a perfect rustic look to any room, especially hallways and living rooms. However, keep in mind, natural stone flooring can be hard, rough and cold, so it is better if you add some antique rugs to it.


  1. Let the walls be exposed

Leaving the walls in their original state will create a countryside look. This will be perfect for bedrooms in particular. Combine those exposed walls with some exposed beams and your farmhouse style backdrop will be absolutely ready.


  1. Pick pale colors

If you want to add colors, make sure you only stick to pale palette. No matter what you are buying, cushion covers, bedsheets, rugs, or curtains, ensure you go for neutral tones.


  1. Install barn style doors

Barn doors are no more just for farms, but they are installed to give a fantastic look to any home. They look organic, and take up very little foot space.


  1. Add a farmhouse dining table

Add a beautiful wooden dining table to your kitchen or dining area. Ensure it is sturdy and made from wood. Polish it regularly to ensure it stays new and shiny for years.


  1. Showoff your china

The best thing about farmhouse style interior is you need not to hide anything. You can have as many open shelves as you want in kitchen and dining area. Your china will enhance the overall look of your home when displayed well.




  1. Use cane baskets

Cane baskets are great for storage and they bring along the exact countryside feel which you want.


  1. Mix and match furniture

When it is about decorating in farmhouse style, don’t stick to furniture of one particular design. Instead, mix and match different styles and colors.


  1. Get a metal bed

Metal bed is an excellent addition to any bedroom which is decorated in farmhouse style. It will give a touch of contemporary style to your room, and the best part is you can combine it with anything other furniture piece easily.


  1. Buy some rustic wall art

Things like rustic photo frames, name plate, rural paintings, wooden wording, etc. give a rural look to almost any home. If you are especially following farmhouse style interior design, these wall arts are very important.


  1. Hang a swing

No farmhouse style house is complete without a porch swing. Nevertheless, if you don’t have space for a swing, even a rocking chair will prove to be a good addition.


Lastly, remember when it is about decorating a house in farmhouse style, small touches and thoughtful little additions can make or break the game.