Must have- Wedding Vendors for you big Day

The most important part of wedding planning is coming up with the vendor list. This is a group of professionals that will turn your dream wedding into a reality. If you’ve never organized a big wedding before, maybe the questions that should be running in your mind should be: Who should be in my vendor’s list? What type of vendors do I require to make my big day a success? In a wedding setting, you need almost twenty vendors. They may look many, but each vender plays a different role from the other. Discussed below is a list of vendors required to make your big day a success:


Whether holding a big celebration or a small one, your wedding day is a day that you would not want to forget. You need a photographer to capture some of the best moments. Having a photographer is not enough; you need a photo booth to make your photo session one of a kind. You can source for a photo booth from the best companies such as Picture blast, or hire somebody to assemble one.


Your wedding venue is critical as it is the one that sets the scene for the day. You may opt to hold your wedding in a garden, ballroom, ocean beach, or in a restaurant. Whatever the case, a venue must be booked for the big day. You may want to make a reservation way in advance, as you may get them fully booked, especially during peak time.

Wedding Planner

A wedding planner should be at the top of the list of vendors.Why? This is because a planer helps you to remain organized and ensures that everything is within the budget. They also supervise other vendors and ensure everything is on schedule to avoid last minute disappointments. Whether you hire a planner to oversee the entire process or you hire one for the D-Day, having one is worth the cost.

Hair and Makeup Gurus

There is no better feeling than feeling elegant on your big day. To have that sleek look, you need to engage a professional to do your makeup. It is, therefore, important that you hire a professional hairstylist and a makeup artist. You may plan to invite them to your place to work on the whole bridal team.


It is advisable that the attire for the whole bridal is ordered from the same supplier. This is to ensure there is uniformity. You would not want to have your bridal team wear clothes reflecting different shades. You also want to have a perfectly done gown plus the attire of the groom.

Cake Baker

A cake not only forms the best treat for your guests but also part of the décor. Most couples hire professional bakers to make their cake. It doesn’t matter how big or small the cake is, but a professionally done cake will leave the guests salivating for more.


Flowers form a very crucial part of wedding décor. A florist is worth hiring because they make your theme come into a reality. They are great experts when it comes to making floral arrangements. Hiring one will make your dream wedding come true.

Music DJ

If you want to set a good mood for your ceremony and the reception, then hire a professional DJ. You can choose to give them a list of all the songs you want to be played or leave it to their discretion. Professional DJs are able to arrange music in a way that it will rhyme with every activity. For instance, they can organize music be played during church ceremony and one for the reception. You can hire them all day and night, just to keep your guests entertained.


When the wedding is over, you would want to review the day over and over. This can only be made possible by a professional videographer. A videographer will capture the entire moment in a film. This will make you have a real experience of this special day every time you sit to watch the video.


The services of a stationery supplier are required at the beginning of the process and at the end of the process. Stationeries are needed for the save date card, formal invitation card, and finally, for the gift favors is you intend to do appreciation cards.


Besides celebrating your union, guests come with an expectation of having something to eat and drink. A professional caterer is worth hiring to ensure there is plenty of food. An experienced caterer will advise you on the best menu for your function.


There is no wedding that can take place without an officiant. So, the person to officiate the marriage should be on the top list of the vendors. After deciding on whether a religious or a secular wedding, then you can arrange for the person to officiate the marriage.


A crown is an important accessory for your wedding. They represent a personal style as well as being a queen to the groom. A professional jeweler will help you choose the best crown for your wedding. Additionally, they help you find the best rings for both of you.

Rental Companies

Rental companies offer items such as chairs, tables, dinnerware, decors, and much more. Hiring from outside may be a better option as you will be able to choose one that complements your wedding style. If you are holding an outdoor wedding, remember to source for tents to shield your guests from harsh environmental conditions.

Transport Company

You may be required to arrange transport for your bridal team, parents, and your in-laws. In such a case, you have no option but to hire a transport company. You may also feel like you want something bigger than just having a ride on the same vehicle you use on a daily basis. If that’s the case, you can hire a limo to grace your event.

Lighting Designer

Good lighting can make a significant difference in creating the right mood. You may need a lighting designer to arrange your lighting with the help of the florist.


The list discussed above is just part of the vendors you can use when planning your wedding. It is not a full list. You can engage more depending on the services that you require. But what has been highlighted is the most crucial that you may not do without.

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