What to Look For In a Wedding Planner

When it comes to wedding plans, you may not do it on your own. There is so much into wedding plans that if everything is left to the couple, one or two things may go wrong, and you may end up not having that dream wedding. This, therefore, calls for the need to hire Wedding Assistance.Hiring a planner makes work more fun and reduces the chances of having things left, not unattended. Also, it gives the couple ample time to deal with other vital issues such as shopping for their perfect outfit and those for their bridal team.

Who is a wedding Assistance?

This is the person who takes care of all the wedding plans on behalf of the bride and the bridegroom. Their roles include but are not limited to; ensuring that everything is within the budget, contract negotiation on behalf of the couple, hiring vendors as well as supervising all activities on the D-day.

The task of choosing an event planner can be daunting, especially if you have no idea of what to look for. But worry not as am going to give you a few tips on what to look for when hiring one. Ready? Be my guest!

  1. Free Consultation

You may shop for wedding planners online, but talking over the phone or through social media is not enough. You need to meet the planner in person and have a face to face conversation. Getting to meet them in person may iron out very many issues, and at times, it may confirm or challenge your previous thoughts. Professional Wedding Assistances do not charge a consultation fee. So if you come across one who is charging a consultation fee, then you need to think twice. You find that such individuals are contractors who go sourcing for jobs, then look for a professional to do the work. If you engage such a person, you’ll end up paying almost double the amount you can pay if you hire a professional directly.

  1. Personality

It is imperative to engage a person whose personality clicks with yours. This is a person who will be free to consult you and give advice on anything without fearing how you’ll react to it. There should be a solid rapport if a dream wedding is anything to go by. Also, there should be some element of trust and not micromanage the planner. Also, the personality of the planner determines how he or she handles the vendors or anybody involved in the planning process.

  1. Experience

If a dream wedding is anything to go by, then your planner should have experience in event planning. Different planners have unique skills, depending on the previous events they’ve organized. Most planners keep photos of their best events, and this can be a useful guide when choosing a perfect one. Ask for such pictures, and check if they have organized something similar to what you want.

  1. Response time

Communication is key to everything. Therefore you need to choose a wedding planner who is keen on communication. This will help you eliminate the fears and anxieties –big or small- that arise in the course of planning. So, be eager to ask your planner on the mode of communication, whether phone calls, messages, or emails.

  1. Honesty

You need an honest person – somebody who is sensitive to your budget and not one who just wants to skyrocket it. You need someone who will keep your vision realistic without compromising on the quality of services. Somebody you can entrust with your million dollars. Not someone who willjust do things to get business from you.

  1. Insurance

Insurance is not only necessary but mandatory for all event planners. Before engaging one, ensures they have liability insurance. This helps in maintaining the professional aspect of the career, at the same time protecting everyone involved in the event.

  1. Problem Solver/ Creative

Bring on board a Weddingassistant.co.uk who is creative and can think outside the box. Most of the time, the bride and the bridegroom get overwhelmed that they cannot visualize what’s best for their occasion. This is where a planner comes in to help streamline things. You need that person who is creative, trendy, and who can organize things logically with some unique elements.

  1. Negotiator

Most couples hire Wedding Assistants to help them negotiate with suppliers and service providers. You should look for a planner who is good at striking deals with the vendors. Also, you should look for someone who is well connected to suppliers and other service providers. In most cases, they are given better rates than other walk-in customers. A professional planner also has an idea of the prices in the market, and therefore it is not possible for them to get shortchanged.

  1. Detail Oriented.

There is so much to a wedding planning than what meets the eye. A successful wedding organizer should be keen to details. Besides the design part, there are many other small elements that answer questions such as who does what, when, where, and how. For instance, it’s not enough to schedule transport for the bridal party. You need to be in the picture of the distance between the wedding venue and the hotel, whether there is traffic on that route or not, the number of cars needed, car decorations, and so forth.

  1. Organized

The organization is crucial if a successful wedding is anything to go by. Planning a wedding requires tremendous organizational skills. If you have a well-organized wedding, you’ll definitely get your desired end results. In terms of organization, your planner needs to keep track of all the payment schedules for all vendors, have details of all contracted products and services for each vendor, delivery timelines, and so on.

Parting Shot

Remember, this is your big day, and if anything goes wrong, you’ll only have yourself to blame. It is a one-off event in your lifetime, so it’s such an investment into your future. Ensure you have enough funds to make the day memorable. Investing in an experienced professional Wedding Organizer is like getting a license for your dream wedding.