Liposuction Gives A Kick-start but Diet and Exercise Are Essential to Maintain Contours Post-Op

Sculpting your body using liposuction enhances your body’s appearance and contours. People have experienced feeling confident and good after the surgery. A common myth regarding liposuction is that you regain your weight, which was the main reason you chose the procedure. The reality is that you need to choose a healthy lifestyle.

The cosmetic procedure helps to eliminate the unpleasant bulges and bumps on specific body parts. You feel ashamed and desperate when exercise and diets don’t help to dissolve the flab and bulges. You can visit the Orlando Clinic and talk with Dr. Bassin. He is a famous surgeon, who has helped an abundance of people to dissolve their bulges using different kinds of lipo techniques. For more details, you can visit their link

If you desire to undergo the liposuction process then get prepared to make changes in your way of living. The process helps to contour your shape, but remember it is not a magic wand that can maintain your weight after liposuction. If you return to your old habits of eating unhealthily and living an inactive life new fat cells get developed and you are on the same page once again……all the agony of undesired contour and embarrassment returns.

It is sensible to stay motivated after liposuction. You achieved a desirable slim shape with curves at the right places. It should be sufficient to practice a healthy lifestyle and maintain those contours for years.

Diet changes

After the surgery, there are antibiotics prescribed. Start eating yogurt or other probiotic foods to regulate your intestine function. Now, is the best time to restart a healthy eating routine, especially if you ignored it before undergoing lipo.

Healthy diet choices

Liposuction has smoothed the bumpy areas, so to maintain it eat a diet low in sugar and fat. Add plenty of fiber and avoid processed food. Instead of using plenty of oil and butter emphasize cooking techniques lie baking, boiling, and roasting.


Protein is the main nutrient to add in your diet, after the surgery. Your body needs to recover from the trauma of a surgical procedure and protein helps to heal. The wounds on the incision sites need protein to help regenerate damaged muscle and skin tissue. Swelling is a common effect, which reduces with sufficient protein intake. The sources of proteins are –

  • Lean meat
  • Moderate level of red meat
  • Beans & legumes
  • Fish
  • Seeds & nuts
  • Leafy green veggies
  • Whole grains
  • Protein shakes or supplements


A well-balanced diet means eating essential vitamins and minerals necessary to recover after the operation. Make a goal to eat from every category including grains, veggies, fruits, dairy, and protein-rich items.

Many people lack sufficient nutrients, so their body does not get the right kind of vitamins and micronutrients. Vitamin D, B12, and magnesium are optimal for quick healing, so good quality multivitamins are recommended.

Stay hydrated means drink water

Stay hydrated does not mean drinking sports drinks. They are loaded with sugar, so ensure not to overdo it. Instead, drink water. Drinking lots of water is not bad. It helps in keeping weight stable and even weight-loss.

Doctors recommend drinking a minimum of 64 ounces of water daily for weight loss and management. You can add lemon or watermelon slice to enjoy flavored water. Drinking water helps the body burn calories. Thus, you can expect to reduce body mass, body fat, and waistline size after liposuction drinking abundance of H2O. Post-surgery swelling reduces because your body is hydrated, so you will notice surgery consequences sooner as oedema or water retention vanishes quickly.

Commit to regular workouts

The majority of those who undergo liposuction are because of their stubborn belly pockets. They tried intense workouts to dissolve their fat but it kept returning back. They are well-aware of the association of weight loss and exercise.

Two weeks post-op, you can start with gentle walking. Increase the distance slowly. It will help to lessen the swelling. You will need to wait for one month to start aerobics. Remember to listen to body signals and stop the workout.

Resistance exercise is also recommended. In the start avoid exercise that involves surgical areas. Start toning exercise of your underarms and abs. increase the reps gradually. Small weight and rubber bands are great tools for regular resistance exercise.

After six to seven weeks, you will feel strong to endure energetic workout sessions. You can start abdominal and cardio exercises. Cycling, aerobics, swimming, and running are great cardio workouts. There are straightforward abdominal crunches that can help in your post-op workout routines.

Beat sedentary lifestyle

Besides diet and exercise, you need to increase your activity level to maintain an overall great physical health. Staying in the same position for a long time damages your health. It can cause skin sagging in the areas you need to keep flat.

You need to move actively like standing up while attending phone calls, after every half an hour stand up and move around the hallway, get a standing work desk, climb stairs, during TV commercials get up and do some resistance workouts, etc. Get creative and find ways to keep your body moving around.

Reduce stress

Weight gain and stress are closely connected, so you will need to learn how to relax. When cortisol level increases in your body due to stress there is a craving for unhealthy foods. Studies even suggest that increased cortisol even reduces the capability of your body to burn calories.

Junk food consumed during stress attacks increases insulin level, which in turn augments fat storage. You desire to avoid all this after the liposuction process. To stay away from stress, stay positive, meditate, explore the spiritual side, sit in a tub of hot water, and appreciate good happenings.

All the above steps will promote optimal health after the liposuction surgery. Stay motivated because regained fat is visceral fat layers that damage your organs and bodily functions. Liposuction gave you a pleasant kick-start, so to maintain it follow a healthy diet plan and workout program committedly!

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