How Calculate the Accurate Cost of Your Bathroom Renovation?

Actually, renovation cost of bathroom may vary for each project and usually it will never be an inexpensive project. Therefore, it is really a good idea that you must calculate exactly how much your renovation project will cost you before you jump into the project.

Before, you start the project you must ensure that you have sufficient funds available with you. If needed you may wait for few months and save enough money for the project. It is however not possible to calculate your bathroom renovation cost down to cent, as there are always certain surprises awaiting with most of the home improvement projects.

Cedar Hills will make sure that all their customers get the best services at a very reasonable price. They value your time so they consider everything about bathroom renovation North York beforehand. You only need to inform them about your requirement. After conducting proper survey of your house, they will analyze what is best for you.

However, there are few parameters that can always be considered so that you will know what should be estimated budgetary cost of this bathroom renovation project. Following are few of them that can help you to find tentative cost of renovation.

  1. The size of the bathroom

You must take proper measurement of the bathroom space so that you can start estimating the cost of renovation based on square footage rate. There are few ball park figures available for rate as per square footage that can give you a rough estimation of the renovation project.

  1. Materials and fixtures to be used

The kind of material you want to use in your bathroom will make higher and lower than average cost that you have determined based on square footage cost. Some of you may like certain special counter top or an expensive cabinet. So, you need to factor them into your cost.

  1. Dismantling of old fixtures

If you already have a bathroom that needs to be completely dismantled and rebuilt then this will be an additional cost that also you need to add in your project cost. You have to hire a labor for doing this work as it is not possible in a DIY way. Also, most of you may not have sufficient time too.

  1. Estimated time and labor

This is one of the trickiest things to estimate unless you are yourself a professional in the construction and renovation work. Usually, you need to discuss about this with a number of contractors. Though no contractor will give you accurate figure but after getting written offer from the contractors, you can make your own judgement about this cost.

  1. Installation work

Many people often consider DIY option while installing the bathroom fixtures, however if you are not having any experience then it is better to leave it for professionals. Doing it yourself may often end up as a costlier option than hiring a pro.

  1. Any special issue

There can always be an issue about electrical or mold or certain leakage issues. You must also factor them in as you may need a professional help to resolve these issues.

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