Important Things to Know About Outsourcing Appointment Setting Needs

Appointment setting process is essential for business development. It is also a way to open doors for increasing sales. You cannot sell without speaking directly with prospective clients. Profitable sales are equal to effective growth. Through appointment setting process meetings get scheduled with potential customers.

How are appointment setting handled?

Many companies handle it internally. It is the responsibility of the sales team to set meetings with interested customers. Several businesses have sales team that spends full-time in trying to schedule meetings with potential businesses.

Some businesses outsource their appointment setting needs to agency like Intelemark. With 90 years of experience in handling B2B appointment setting in myriads of sectors like healthcare, consulting, financial services, education, technology, etc. the professionals have proven to be the best. They do the ground work leaving your sales team to concentrate on interacting with customers and closing sales. Outsourcing will speed your sales opportunities and business growth. Visit their website –

What is the significance of outsourcing appointment setting?

  • Lead generation is a crucial marketing tool. It helps businesses to create interest among prospects. Appointment setting allows enhancing the number of potential leads.
  • Outsourcing saves money and you are aware of the monthly service expense. The software used is different and costly. Buying it can dent your budget. The 3rd party center has everything necessary, so with low rates you can tap their technology and skills.
  • More time given in promoting your products makes it visible in the market.
  • Professional business promotion helps to gain credibility, which brings potential customers closer. The positive impression created can last longer

What is the role of appointment setter?

Appointment setter works with appointment setting agency. They make emails or calls on your behalf, so they are first sales line. To schedule an appointment, the mediator has to possess impressive communication skills. They offer all the necessary details regarding your products or services to the potential clients.

Fundamentals of appointment setting process

The process differs depending on the business and the appointment setting agency. However, the fundamentals of the process will look as follows –

  • Both meet and discuss about the goals, value proposition, leads, available contact lists, target market, and timeline.
  • The outsourcing agency evaluates your business needs to identify its difficulty level and your internal technology to determine if there will be a need to buy contact lists of target audience to approach.
  • A proposal gets created, which includes per appointment cost.
  • If you approve the proposal then sign the contract and allow the outsourcing agency onboard your business.
  • A project plan, value proposition and messaging gets developed and discussed.
  • As soon as the messaging gets an approval, the outsourcing company will start making calls and sending emails. They will work hard in setting introductory business appointments.
  • The appointment setter will update the time of a set appointment on a salesperson’s calendar, who will attend to the introductory call.
  • Trying to schedule meetings with different prospects is a continuous job of an appointment setter.

Make sure to interact with the outsourcing company and share with them every detail related to the product or services. Appointment setter has to be well trained, so there is no confusion as he/she will be representing your business.

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