Compelling Reasons To Have Regular Website Backup

The website is the digital office of every online business. Just like you take care of your physical office, it is critical to keep your website secure. Everyone stores their data, content, and files on the computers. It is not a bad idea. It is a safe bet, yet there are situations like error or hacking or hard drive crash. The solution to such a catastrophe is to have a website backup performed regularly. With data stored at a remote place can be a blessing, when catastrophe strikes. offers secure digital services and every project gets stored on their proprietary server. They control your eCommerce site or store. Their customers enjoy the deserved follow-up. A backup of files is performed daily. The customer service is available 24/7. You can check their SSL certificate and they deliver the standard SSL encryption to all the online stores they design. Daily back up means no worries of downtime in case of a computer system crash or hack or data loss.

Several business owners still ignore the significance of regular website back up. Let’s study the compelling reasons why to have an automatic or manual website backup done regularly.

Protection against manual error

Error is normal. An essential file can get deleted or some functionality may fail due to changes. Some errors can get fixed but having a previous backup seems a good option at times. Instead of spending time in detecting the problem, it is better to restore the most recent backup. The up-to-date backup means you will not miss any valuable facts and statistics.

Have a safe update

Updates are essential for preserving the performance of your site. If you are not careful, something can suddenly go wrong. It is wise to configure an automatic website backup arrangement or make a manual backup before updating. Backup gets completed in a few minutes, but you will be thankful for the time spent when some errors occur during updating.

Protects data loss

The loss of data happens accidentally and even when you are aware that doing some changes things can go wrong. The backup system ensures the safety of your data in every kind of situation. You can have several backups at a different location. Have the most recent backup stored on the cloud and even on your server in case of redundancy.

Deal with compatibility

Just like updates, whenever you add plugins and themes, a different element gets introduced, which may not be compatible with the layout of your site. So, before activating a new plugin or theme have a website backup performed. If a compatibility issue occurs, you can handle it. Restore the recent backup and choose an alternate theme/plugin to install.

Great anti-hacker option

Hackers’ aim for hacking is stealing crucial data. Even an employee with executive privilege can hack your account and change the IDs to lock you out. Allowing the 2-factor authentication, you can stay extra protected. In case of a hack, you can gain control of your account through your web host or restore site backup from the hosting c-panel. As soon as, you recover your website quickly update your credential to lockout the hacker.

Regular website backup will make the web host migration process simple, act as a staging site, resolve malware attacks, and nurture solid security practices. The website needs to be taken seriously. Ensure to hire a reliable web host and be prepared for catastrophe with a recent website backup.