Some Tips for Choosing Amazing Chandeliers for Each Room at Home

Chandeliers are undoubtedly an incredible way to enhance the artistic and elegant design of your room. They are available in various shapes, sizes, ambient and design to adorn each corner of your residential and commercial space. You can find chandeliers in different styles like wall sconces, pendants, and table lamps to perfectly brighten any space.

Some best ideas to select an ideal chandelier for each room –

  1. Foyer or entryway

Foyers are the first impression of your home. A well-designed and decorated foyer signifies luxurious sense of your lifestyle, irrespective of its size.

Foyer chandelier of Sofary can enhance the beauty of your foyer and entryway. Sofary is located in Seattle, Washington, and has partnered manufacturers of premium chandeliers. For more than 10 years, they have been directly sourcing the chandeliers to customers through their online store. They help you to save up to 80 per cent of your money by avoiding any third-party deals. They are affordable and reliable.

For small foyers, you can select a small flush mounted square chandelier with raindrop design to suitably fit into the available space. A caged chandelier or a multi-layer raindrop chandelier can safely illuminate your entryway to give an aesthetic style of a farm house. If you have an oversized foyer, you can install a spiral chandelier to shine each story of your foyer.

While selecting chandeliers for your foyer, you must maintain a safe height to avoid bumping of the visitor’s head and uninterrupted entrance view.

  1. Kitchen and dining room

Whether it is a kitchen or dining room, chandeliers are available in round, square and rectangular shape for vibrant glare. For dining room, you can select chandelier according to the shape and size of the dining table.

You can buy chandeliers like rectangular raindrop crystal pendant, rounded modern rustic chandelier, 3D fireball shaped or multi-ring pendant chandeliers for your kitchen and dining room. You can install several sets of caged, linear, globe or dandelion pendant chandeliers in your kitchen. It will emit enormous light to brighten your kitchen space, and will be relatively easy to clean the moisture and oily substances.

  1. Bedroom

You can install bedroom chandeliers like contemporary round, rustic vintage pendant or spherical raindrop chandeliers to illuminate with soft light at night. For a large and master bedroom, you can install a multi-layer rectangular or a circular chandelier. Some other chandeliers like bridge arched chandeliers and five tier crystal chandeliers with dimmer switches will elegantly brighten your master bedroom as the main source of light.

  1. Living Room

Living room is meant for a family conversation and social activities. A right chandelier will emit an excellent amount of light for a of your living room.

A sputnik or a pyramidal shaped crystal chandelier will dramatically increase the beauty of your large living space. You may choose a 3-ring Neptune shaped chandelier or a modern spherical star shaped chandelier to add a minimalist design to your small living room.

  1. Bathroom

Look for moisture-resistant crystal chandeliers for your bathroom. It is better to install a globe-shape or extended modern pendant chandelier to beatify the bold appearance of your modern bathroom.