Should You Go For Manual Or Automatic Driving Lessons

Many people struggle when it comes to deciding between an automatic and manual driving lesson. To some extent, it depends on the type of car (manual/automatic) that you intend to drive at present or in the future. When it comes to convenience, a majority of users choose driving automatic cars over manual ones.

This article will provide you information that gives you a good understanding of both the types of cars to help you decide between taking manual or automatic driving lessons.

Better Control

A manual car provides greater control to the user. The design features gears that you can move up and down to reduce and increase the speed of the vehicle. In the case of automatic cars, this task is done automatically for you.

These cars come with a capacity to override the drive gear to find the suitable gear. Moreover, users need not have to worry about working with a clutch. This type of car features a simple design that comprises of just two pedals.

However, manual transmission is beneficial for those who want to control every single aspect of the drive. Pass Go First is a leading driving lessons Doncaster that helps clients become a qualified driver. The instructors at this firm teach you to become a confident driver, earn a driver’s license, and practice safe driving.

Operational Cost

Running cost is another important factor that you need to consider when choosing between a manual or automatic driving lesson. There is no doubt that automatic cars provide enhanced quality of drive to the user, but they consume more fuel. So, selecting a manual driving lesson helps cut on fuel costs in the future.


As the name suggests, an automatic car is ideal for those who want a hassle-free, simpler and effortless driving. If you are a beginner or have come to a new place that has different driving rules and road laws then an automatic driving lesson will be the best bet for you.

This is because changing gears and adjusting and engaging the clutch is not easy in different road conditions. Working with gears requires computation of power and speed required to reach the destination. There are no such problems faced while driving an automatic car in different road conditions as you get everything done automatically for you.


Maintenance is another major area that you should pay attention to. An automatic car is comparatively expensive compared to a manual car. One of the reasons is due to the automated machinery that is built into it.

The brakes and control system works on its own without the user making any effort. However, it also results in quick wear and tear of the vehicle compared to its counterparts. Maintenance of an automatic car is expensive than that of a manual car.


It is wise to get expertise in driving automatic cars before starting to drive manual cars. So, in our opinion, getting an automatic car driving lesson is ideal for those who are learning to drive a car. On the other hand, if you are well-versed with driving automatic cars, then you can upgrade it to a manual version and get a manual driving lesson to be able to drive it legally on the road.

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