Women Underwear Unsaid Rules – Reasons to Wear A Well-Fit Underwear

On the outward undergarments seem like a simple piece of clothing. We use it every day, wash it and repeat the process. We don’t give much of an after-thought to it, but wrong pair and ill-fitted underwear is uncomfortable to wear, can lead to yeast infections apart from putting you in the middle of awkward fashion faux pas.

Importance of right, well-fitted pair of panties:

The right choice of panty does matter as it plays an important role in your image. Tight underwear results in camel toes and panty lines showing through our outerwear while loose underwear causes bulges both of which ruin the overall appearance of a killer dress.

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Purpose of wearing underwear:

Sexy underwear isn’t only about spicing things up in bed. It associated with increased confidence. When you wear a sexy panty, you’ll feel more confident which will be reflected in your attitude and pleasant mood. There is other compelling reasons women wear underwear on a daily-basis.

Protection to private area:

Your private area is quite sensitive. Without underwear the friction from your outerwear could cause abrasions and would feel purely uncomfortable. Underwear are generally made of soft fabrics and serve as an added layer of protection between the outwear and private area.


Wearing underwear gives emotional and physical comfort. It gives physical support and in terms of psychological comfort it can make a woman feel less vulnerable to other people/ elements.

Absorbs vaginal discharge:

Depending on our fertility cycle, women have vaginal discharges often. There are certain underwear models that can be used as replacement of panty liners to absorb vaginal discharge.

Prevents odors:

Even if you don thick attire, odors can make its way to the top. . Though the odor emitted by discharges isn’t too strong (unless there is an underlying problem) you can wear a panty to suppress the odor.

To keep your hygiene products in place:

During your period days you need some form of support to hold your sanitary pads securely. You’d risk staining if you affix it to your shorts. A panty holds it in place.

Underwear rules:

  • Choose cotton: Cotton is a soft and breathable fabric and reduces the risk of bacterial infections making it the best choice of everyday use. Choose other glitzy fabrics for short-term use.
  • Go commando at least at night: You privates do need space to breathe. If you aren’t about going panty less in the day, you may choose to sleep without your underwear.
  • Avoid matching white bra and underwear: The combination doesn’t look flattering. If you want to go for light colors, choose nude shades.
  • Wash using skin-friendly detergent: Wash using hypoallergenic powder to avoid allergic reactions.
  • Change underwear when damp: You may feel lazy to change your underwear after your workout session but it isn’t recommended since it leads to bacterial and fungal infections.

Underwear can make or break your look. Choose the right pair and flaunt your clothing with a heightened confidence.