Bariatric Surgery Brings Back Confidence and Reduces The Chance of Obesity Related Ailments

Bariatric surgery is gaining a lot of popularity. There are various types of bariatric surgeries like gastric bypass, gastric plication, sleeve gastrectomy, and gastric banding. Through different types of surgeries, the stomach is reduced to restrict the person from overeating. In short, in different bariatric surgeries, the intestine is made short by stapling, dividing, etc.

Out of all bariatric surgeries, gastric bypass surgery is an inexpensive way of weight loss. People with a BMI of 40 are often the best candidates for gastric bypass surgery. Two procedures are involved in gastric bypass surgery –

  • First, your stomach is divided into two parts, where one part is bigger than the other. The smaller part is stapled together to create a new stomach that will hold only an ounce of food so that you eat less.
  • Second, the new stomach will be disconnected from the resting stomach as well as the duodenum (beginning of small intestine) and connected to the Jejunum (bottom part of the small intestine). This way, the food will go from Jejunum bypassing the duodenum, resulting in fewer calorie absorption and less weight gain.

BMI of Texas Bariatric Medical Institute is the leader in bariatric surgery in San Antonio, Texas. They have a team of experts that include dietitians, behavioral health specialists, and other weight-loss experts. Their mission is to provide advanced and complete medical as well as surgical care to patients with obesity and metabolic disease. They provide various surgical options like gastric bypass surgery, weight loss laparoscopic surgery, gastric sleeve, bariatric surgery, and lap band surgery.

gastric bypass surgery

Any type of bariatric surgery requires proper care. None of the surgeries show results overnight. It is through hard work, dedication, and proper changes to lifestyle, that leave an overall positive impact. With a small stomach, patients have to eat tiny portions and their diet is restricted with an adequate amount of calories, nutrition, proteins, minerals, etc. For a few years, patients have to follow a strict routine to gain good shape.

Benefits of bariatric surgery

  • Patients suffering from Type2 diabetes remain free from insulin and medication for a long time after bariatric surgery.
  • Weight loss results in normal blood pressure and cholesterol level which reduces the chances of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Obesity is the root cause of stress and depression. With good health and body shape, a person feels active and participates in social gatherings which improve their overall emotional health.
  • Sleep apnea is also caused due to overweight and many people use CPAP machines for sound sleep. It is observed that bariatric surgery helps people in restricting the use of a CPAP machine during bedtime.
  • After losing weight, a person feels lightweight and is more active and energetic. They don’t come across any kind of joint or back pain anymore.
  • Bariatric surgery also improves the chances of fertility, reduces, pregnancy complications, gallbladder disease, and metabolic syndrome.

Don’t just dream, but push yourself to make it true. If you’ve decided to lose weight and bring back confidence, then seek the help of the best surgeons and follow their procedures strictly.

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