Common Driving Mistakes Which Makes You Pay Fine

Driving is a pleasurable activity that can put you in danger if you are careless and ignorant. Some types of driving mistakes or behaviours can get drivers pulled over on the road. We have listed all such driving mistakes that can’t just lead to accidents but can also impose hefty fines.

Driving At High Speed

This is the commonest reasons why cops pull drivers on the road. High speed can prove to be risky and life-threatening. It is important to know that speed limits are widely researched and designed to keep the safety of drivers and pedestrians on the road. Following these rules leads to lesser auto crashes and vehicle accident-related injuries.

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Improper License Plates

Another reason why a cop will have a suspicion about any driver is when they see a dirty or unclear license plate in a clean car. Absence or expired registration stickers can be a sign of a stolen car. Scratched or bug-covered license plates are tell-tale signs of something mischievous.

Violations of a Driving Equipment

Broken windshields, heavily colored windows, not updated car registration or licenses, drunk driving, etc. indicate frequently pulling of drivers by police officers. Such type of equipment violations can easily be sensed by cops from a distance. Those drivers who violate such rules are imposed fines.

Improper Changes In The Driving Lane

Improper changing/switching of car lanes could be a dangerous practice that can result in accidents. Drivers should only use the left driving lane for passing. Violation of this rule will easily catch the cop’s attention.

Using Mobile Phones

This is another common reason why police catch drivers and fines drivers. Even after strict rules made against the use of cell phones while driving, a lot of people are seeing calls, using a GPS application, texting, messaging, emailing, etc. on their cell phone. All these activities can stray the driver’s attention from the road and lead to accidents.

Signs That A Cops Looks For To Pull You Over

  • If a car driver tries to hide drugs, liquor, or conceal a weapon or any stolen property in the car.
  • If the driver keeps on driving long even when the overhead lights have absent.
  • If the trunk lid is not latched.
  • If the people sitting in the car don’t make eye contact with the cop. Mischievous drivers often either face away from the cop.
  • If the items on the floor or seats such as towels, newspapers, blankets, etc. are placed in a way to conceal a weapon.
  • If there are beer bottles or glasses on the floor of the car. This indicates that the driver was driving in a drunken condition.
  • Last, but not least, the driver is unable to locate his car insurance or registration papers.


Nobody is a perfect driver all the time. With the right knowledge of impermissible driving behaviour, you can save yourself from possible legal consequences. So, make sure you do not indulge in any of the above acts whenever you drive in the future.

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