Know the Real Truth Between Full Siblings and Half Siblings

Ever since half sibling DNA testing has been around, people are receiving unexpected sibling matches. Every day you might come across on social media surprises that put a person in shock. Sometimes these surprises involve people we already know to be full siblings.

People know that a DNA test is done to determine the relationship with parents, to find any genetic disease, or to know if an organ donor matches with the recipient. Can a DNA test prove half-siblings? Yes, it can. A DNA test for half-siblings can identify that the so-called full siblings share one or both biological parents. If they share both parents then they are full siblings, but if they share just one parent, father, or mother, then they are half-siblings. This is because you receive 50% of your father’s genetic material or DNA. Two people have the same father but different mothers, will not have exact DNA pattern.

Thanks to the half sibling DNA test result that families are getting surprises and shocks. Often people are so shocked with the half-sibling positive results that they retest with another laboratory for peace of mind. If the two siblings don’t match at all then of course one must be adopted, but when they’re half-siblings, then panic wraps the whole family.

PaternityUSA provides a home DNA testing kit to keep matters private. Most of the home test kits aren’t acceptable legally in courts, but with the help of the PaternityUSA half sibling DNA test, you can start legal action if needed. Their DNA test for half-sibling analyzes up to 35 markers which are more accurate than other laboratories that analyze 16 markers.

Everyone inherits 50% DNA of their mother and father. This is why paternity and maternity testing is always the most recommended type of DNA testing.

In movies, TV dramas, and mostly in fairy tales we hear step-siblings and half-siblings. Often these siblings in stories act as a rival. For example, Cinderella’s life was made miserable by their stepsisters. Most of us don’t know the difference between step-siblings and half-siblings.

What is a half-sibling?

Siblings that have a common mother, but different biological fathers or common fathers, but different biological mothers are known as half-siblings. Mother shared DNA half sibling is called a uterine whereas a half-sibling with same father is called an agnate or consanguine. Mostly, a half-sibling DNA test is done to determine the rights over the property.

What is step-sibling?

They’re also commonly known as step-brothers or step-sisters and they are someone who is not related by blood. They both have different parents unless one of their parents got engaged in a relationship with another. Therefore, the parents also become step-parents for the siblings.

Two people who want to know if they full siblings or half-siblings would have both their parents compare their DNA test. Think hard before exposing your family affairs. You will be destroying your happy family and strong relationship.