What Is the Importance of Taking A Full System Image Backup?

Making a hard copy of data isn’t beneficial as it can also be lost in the event of floods, fire, etc. A business needs full backups that can run incrementally to save a good amount of disk space and time for users. The timed backup aims at recording only the changes made to the system and saves disk space.

In this article, we will learn more about full data backups and their significance in any business.

Facts about Cyber Attacks and Data Loss

Nearly 50% of businesses that become victims of a data breach or cyber-attack suffer losses in terms of customer loyalty, customer trust, and brand reputation. Around 29% of businesses are victims of attacks that lose revenue.

Among firms that experience data attacks and breaches, a quarter of them faces significant loss in business opportunities after the data-loss incident. Over one-fifth of businesses that suffer a cyber-attack lose their hard-earned business customers as well.

Windows image backup restore is the most efficient way to keep your valuable company’s data safe and secure. Some of the interesting feature of the software includes:

  • 24X7 Support
  • Convenient to Install and Use
  • Linux and Windows Compatible
  • Robust and Dependable
  • Ultimate Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Multiple File Systems
  • Scripting
  • Military-Grade Encryption
  • Compression

Reasons That Cause Data Loss in The Business

Data loss can happen due to a variety of reasons:

  • One of them being malicious hackers and software programs such as viruses and ransomware. To deal with this condition, anti-virus software and anti-malware prove to be beneficial.
  • After a technological disaster, the next key reason for data loss could be physical disasters. A flood, fire, or another form of natural disaster can remove all the data from a specific location and make its recovery next to impossible.
  • There is also a third type of data loss i.e., manmade errors or accidental deletion of data at the time of replicating data between different locations.
  • Sometimes the hard drive that you use to store your data damages overuse and causes loss of data in the business.

Importance of Full Backup

Full back-up takes the backup of all those files that are required for the start of the system. In addition to the commonly used files such as files, videos, photos, movies, etc. this backup strategy also stores information about OS, applications, preferences, browser history, bookmarks, settings, device drivers, etc. that are required for booting the PC.

As the resultant file is compressed, full backups take lesser disk space to store the backup and lesser time to extract them. Disk image backups take the image of the whole hard disk that enables restoration of the entire system to another PC. This information includes the OS, applications, preferences, browser history, bookmarks, settings, device drivers, and all created and downloaded files.


A file-level backup helps in the restoration of a small number of files, but it takes a lot of time to perform the task. Image backups enable the restoration of the entire system to return to the previous state quickly. It is an efficient way to save from all of the above data loss incidences in the business.