Stop COVID-19 At Your Entrance with Simple and Effective Ways

COVID-19 is everywhere throughout the world. People are panicking due to this deadly virus. Many countries are imposing lockdowns, especially in public places, to fight against the pandemic disease. Everyone is taking measures to stay safe. Even, building operators are taking preventive measures by disinfecting and cleaning surfaces.

Feet and hands are the major parts through which the virus enters into the body. So, it is essential to focus on the entrances and doorways to prevent the spread of disease. One of the best ways to provide safety in public places is, using sanitizing mats.

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Simple ways to prevent coronavirus at the entrance

Arrange hand sanitizing stations

Hand sanitizer helps your clients, employees, and customers to fight against harmful bacteria and germs. You have to wash the hands frequently with water and soap to kill the chemicals and germs on the hands. In places where they are not available, you can use hand sanitizer to avoid the transmission of harmful bacteria.

Use sanitizer mats

Like hand sanitizer, sanitizing mats also prevent the virus at the entrance. Grizzly sanitize is the best sanitizing mat system that can kill bacteria, germs, and virus particles over the footwear before entering the building. According to a recent study, footwear can also transmit the virus to others, so killing them before entering the building helps to prevent it.

Even though these ways will not give you 100% protection from coronavirus, they can reduce the transmission of the virus. These days, you can find different types of mats on the market with many options, including printed mats and inlaid mats.

Differences between inlaid and printed mats – Choose the right one

  • In case, you need permanent, durable mats, then inlaid mats are the ideal choice.
  • Printed mats serve as the best promotional giveaways because they are temporary and disposable.
  • A printed mat is a clean, simple, undyed material. It is sprayed with inkjet printers to splash the logo over the fiber surface.
  • Each logo piece of an inlaid mat is made with specific matting materials. Also, they are arranged by hand.

How long do mats last in public places?

Many people want to know how long does commercial mats will lasts when used in public places such as malls, restaurants, airports, offices, and other areas. The answer to this question is simple, as long as you maintain it well.

The performance of any product depends on the care and maintenance it receives. Entrance mats also need care, like your car, washing machine, floor, and many others. Don’t worry – it is quite easy to maintain an entrance mat. All you need to do is periodic cleaning depending on the foot traffic and regular vacuuming.

Many online stores offer high-quality commercial entrance matting, choose the best one, and order today to maintain a clean surface and to keep the virus away from your building.

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