Pay Per Click Ads – Your Best Bet To Campaign The New Product Launch

Getting an organic rank in the Google search engine result often takes a lot of time and hard work. It is not a problem when you are launching your website and slowly adding value to it to gain visibility. However, if you have to promote an upcoming campaign or event, this method might not work for you as most short-term SEO tactics are shady and carry a high risk of getting blacklisted or penalized.

One way that could work for online promotion on a short-term basis is by launching a PPC or Google ads campaign. Pay per click is paid ads to generate organic leads from platforms like Facebook or Google. When someone clicks your ad, the PPC amount gets deducted from your dedicated ad budget.

While PPC is a very important tool for online marketing nowadays, you do need a certain level of expertise in running PPC ads and Google ads management. Clubbish is the perfect platform to get services from expert SEO consultants without having to spend your fortune on online marketing. It is an affordable solution for small business owners or those who are new to the field. Their expertise can help in ramping your website’s performance with the use of ethical SEO techniques.

PPC ads categories

There are two broad categories into which most of the PPC ads fall. These are:

  1. Google ads:
  •         You pay Google to run your ad campaign.
  •         It posts your paid ad on the top and the right side of the search result page.
  •         When a lead clicks on the ad, per click cost is deducted from your set budget.
  •         Once the entire ad budget gets used up, your ad campaign ceases.
  •         Types of Google ads are:

1)      Search Ads: When someone searches for the keyword related to your ad, your ad will appear on the top of search engine results. When this ad campaign focuses on a particular location, such as a service near you, it is called a Local search ad.

2)      Display ads: In this, a text or media-based ad is displayed across various apps and websites, and it has to go through an auction that will decide the payment option for the ad.

3)      Remarketing: This ad helps you in reconnecting with people who have already visited your website sometime in the recent past. It works on an automatic bidding model and has higher conversion rates.

  1. Social media marketing: This is the second category of PPC ads where social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are used for running ad campaigns. Facebook ads management is the perfect platform to reach billions of viewers in a short time. Some features of these ad campaigns are:
  •         You can set up an ad to include text, images, and videos.
  •         You chose to define your audience based on their demographics, interests, gender, and location.
  •         Using Facebook pixel to help you in selecting your target audience.

PPC is not a long-term goal and is beneficial when you want to use an affordable SEO tool to give a boost to your existing SEO efforts or get an edge over your competitors. PPC also works best when you are launching a new product line or a service, and you want to promote that in the fastest possible way. PPC will, however, not build your online presence overnight because it is a short-term promotion technique, and the cost of running ads can add up very fast.