How to Make Money Selling Ringtones Online

Most people are pretty aware of the fact that an artist can sell music online to make money from their hard work. As a matter of fact, it is common practice that has seen artists make a considerable amount of money. Unfortunately, most artists don’t take advantage of the opportunity to sell ringtones. Some are most likely unaware of that possibility or lack the know-how of doing the same. Nevertheless, this article puts an end to their anguish as it looks into the matter deeply. That said and done, let’s embark on how to make money selling ringtones online right away. Read on!

  1. Music Download Sites

As the name suggests, these sites allow you to post your music for music lovers to download. Upon downloading it, they can choose to use the music in various ways as per the terms and conditions, including using it as their ringtones. As they visit those sites, you better ensure that they can find your ringtones among the options. All you have to do is upload the ringtones to such sites. An excellent opportunity is to sell ringtones on iTunes.

There are many mobile users out there, and the number keeps growing each day. For the record, many people use more than one ringtone on their phones to notify them of the people calling even before they see the caller ID. It determines whether they should respond right away or the caller can wait a little longer. Do you see just how high the responsibility of making money through this method can be? That’s why you need to start uploading your ringtones on these music download sites as soon as possible.

  1. Third-Party Sites

As much as the above method is impressive, it can be tiring before you get to pocket your money. You get to post your music on every music download site one at a time. That takes a lot of time, not forgetting too many efforts. Did you know that every site has its own rules and regulations for uploading ringtones, including the correct format and size? As a matter of fact, you need to attain a certain amount to get paid, which can be challenging for a new artist. That’s where a music distributor comes in. They make the process of starting to make money selling ringtones online relatively easy.

For instance, you need not worry about the standards of uploading the music. On the contrary, upload the raw files on a third-party site that suits your need the best. It is important to note that you need to create an account first. After that, you pay a fee, and the site takes over from there. They format the music files accordingly then distribute them to various music download sites on your behalf. You also get paid through it.


Yes, it is possible to make money selling ringtones online. Equally important, there are various ways of doing that. Do you want to do it directly or indirectly? Either way, there are platforms to facilitate your choice. Weigh the pros and cons of each so that you can choose the best way.