Short Note On The Second Coming Of Jesus Christ

In the Bible and every book related to Christianity, the second coming of Jesus Christ is mentioned. Thus, no wonder every person is rejoicing to have their almighty back. However, no one is sure about the time of Jesus Christ’s reappearance. The query was asked to the almighty himself by his disciples. Jesus Christ just smiled and said that it wasn’t them to know as it will happen as the Father wishes. Thus, we need to always remain ready to welcome him.

The curiosity of people never ends to know the second coming of their God. Nonetheless, they read many books of well popular writers having illustrated in detail the second coming of their beloved God, Jesus Christ. Among them, The Interpretation of The Second Seal provides a detailed version of the seven seals, seven trumpets and the bowls that indicate the timing when God will be among us again.

General information about the second coming of the Lord, Jesus Christ-

  • The time is lengthening because he wants to give ample time for human beings to follow his teachings. He wants them to realize their mistakes, repent and prepare themselves to return with him to heaven.
  • All are concerned about the location where Jesus Christ will reappear. They want to know whether he will be seen by all or will be visualized by only a few selected disciples of him. Many people are worried that Jesus Christ will come back secretly and no one will ever know. However, many followers predict that the second coming of him will be glorious, breathtaking and surely every person will know about it.
  •         Mathew 24:27 states that while he comes back every one will know seeing the dazzling brightness of lightning that will illuminate the sky. The whole planet earth inhabitants will see the loud and glorious coming back of the Almighty.
  •         The waiting time can be spent by doing righteous deeds and praying to watch the glory of Jesus Christ revisiting the Earth. The waiting period is the time to repent of your sins and keep on praying to have the wish fulfilled of returning back to heaven accompanying the Almighty. You should be worthy enough to be chosen by God to return back to heaven with him.
  •         Jesus won’t come alone as the angels living in heaven will come with him to bless all. Even the righteous dead will return to life and go along with the Almighty to the heavenly abode.
  •         Yes, the wicked untruthful people are sure to seek mercy while the Lord returns. They will hide as they can’t face the brilliant presence of Jesus on Earth. Jesus is coming back to land, to take back with him the righteous followers of his to dwell in heaven.

For ages, people nestling on the planet are awaiting the arrival of Jesus Christ back. Their thoughts, visions and wishes are published in the form of books. You can read the books published by Allenco Publishing, Inc. All the books are worth reading and quite interesting.