How To Create Compelling Explainer Animated Videos?

If you are thinking about investing in explainer videos then remember, it has to be compact and able to explain your business within 1 to 1 ½ minute. Explainer videos are best for engaging viewers and familiarizing them with your products or services. The challenging part is to create the right video for nailing visitors the first time.

Tips to create compelling explainer animation videos

Well-written script

For the success of the explainer video, the professionals at Jin Design Animation Studio Singapore write a compelling script. The third perspective about your product or services seems fresh. The experts competently explain understandably. The professionals will ask questions like –

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What’s the shortest and quick pitch?
  • How does your brand work?
  • What particular issues your products can solve?
  • What main benefits do you desire to highlight?
  • What tone [fun, humorous, professional, or conversational] do you desire the video to employ?
  • Are there specific desires for visual style?
  • Do you wish to mention CTC {call to action]?

Answer these questions, so that professionals can write a killer script from your creative briefing.

Keep it short and to-point

There is a lot to say about your brand but explainer videos are designed to be a summary. It is designed to make people curious and take the next step. The general rule is 150 words in a minute. You may read fast but there is a need for space for the message to get digested by viewers. Longer video means people are distracted, so write a concise and to-point script.

Keep script simple

Great explainer videos created at animation studio company focus on –

  • Pain point addressing
  • Solution via your brand.
  • Description of how your products or services work?
  • A call to action tells people about the next step to take.

Convey about benefits and not features

You may get tempted to show off the new or upgraded features but it is the benefits that matter to viewers. Rather than talking about technical stupidity, discuss how your product will make viewers’ life comfortable.

Use professional tone

Poor audio will ruin the video even if the animation quality is fine. Invest in professional talent to obtain a polished voice.

Add some fun

Develop an explainer video that echoes with your viewers. Remember, everyone young or old and marketers or executives adore entertainment. Add a little different like humor or something surprising or downright wacky. Get people smiling, which help to easily connect with your business.

Visuals are subordinate

Polished tone or voiceover is primary, while visuals are secondary. Choose visuals that allow illustrating your brand story and reinforcing the voiceover. Too much detailing of visuals can distract the end goal.

Align the voiceover with music 

Music evokes all kinds of emotions. It is capable to set the quality and speed of your explainer video. Find a tune, which suits the mood of your script.

The explainer video service Singapore can help you create a compelling video and marketing plan. Leverage newsletter, blog, email signatures, the social media network, and events in your video marketing campaign to make it go viral!