Best tools to manage your PPC campaigns

Because of the changing activities of the world, we are taking our businesses online and making the world. As a result, online activities reach all over the globe, and it does not require us to get up from our chairs. Also, you can attract many people by sitting at your own office or doorstep.

The chief purpose of online digital marketing instruments is to create awareness of your services and products as far as possible. Therefore, for this purpose, we suggest the best tools to enhance the activities of an organization in the world. You can try PromoNavi for the best tools and protect yourself from the headache of analysis and research.

You can also use the following tools for your PPC campaigns.

Best tools

  • PPC for cortege – If you like the most confounding ways of advertising and heightening on Amazon, this option is best for you. Apart from the existing business organizations, it helps newly organized businesses to recognize the parts of improvements. Thus, it suits Amazon products more.
  • PromoNavi – By using PromoNavi, you can get the automated scheduled PDF reports with Google Data Reports along with the key barometers. Also, you can run a Google ads campaign by finding the many keywords on this platform. The best advantage of this tool is it notifies you when there is a rare activity that takes place.
  • Ad Badger – Most PPC tools serve the other platforms but, this platform does not regale like Google Adwords and others. However, Ad badger provides software solutions together with it provides training to employees & employers. It is one of the best tools for marketers and actively running businesses.
  • SpyFu – You can choose SpyFu for anything from keyword suggestions to spying on your competitor’s ad activity. The best part is you only have to put your products or brands’ keywords, and then it will provide you with the best keyword list. The main feature of this SpyFu is it gives quick bidding advice to its users.
  • Google Ads Editor – If you are looking for a free ads editor, this might be your choice of action. It helps to work online/offline on the several ad groups campaigns. Further, it is instrumental alter to all your accounts using a single dashboard. In addition to this, you can import and export your files with colleagues effortlessly through this editor.
  • PPC Protect – It comes with the most efficient IP blocking system and detects the traffic. You can select some access that can be used by your team. Further, it protects the budget of your campaigns and ads.


Many people want to make their PPC reports faultlessly, but they don’t know the proper tools to start. Here we have mentioned the best tools with their few advantages in this blog for the organizations who want to connect with their audience. You can create PPC reports for your campaign and start to attract international clients as well by using these tools. As you got the list of best tools, manage your PPC campaigns well and achieve the great milestones.