Top Thanksgiving Self Storage Ideas

This Thanksgiving, more than 53 million are expected to travel. Are they coming to you?

Are you maximizing your closet space? Are you stuffed full in your dining room? Is your guest room more like a storage space? Perhaps it is time to get rid of all that clutter!

Self storage near Brooklyn is an excellent option for holiday storage or any other time you have stuff to store. You can simply pack it up, and then move it out. Most people prefer affordable items. Another important consideration when looking for self storage units Brooklyn is the ease of access

These are ten ways to use self storage this Thanksgiving to get rid of clutter

  1. Make sure to clean your things before packing

Before you store anything, clean it thoroughly. This will ensure that your items are clean when you retrieve them from storage.

The packing process is slowed down by cleaning. This allows you to inspect the contents for any damage. This will ensure that you don’t get surprised by a stained or chipped tablecloth or platter next Thanksgiving.

You also have a chance to think about whether to keep it or donate it to a charity to help those in need.

Furniture and appliances (such as refrigerators) should be cleaned before storage. This prevents them developing unpleasant odors from sitting inactive.

To protect large items from dust, cover them. If you intend to store items long-term, or use a drive up storage unit, this is particularly important.

  1. Wrap fragile items

No matter how careful you stack fragile items into a container, if you don’t wrap them in protective material they will be vulnerable. Because boxed items are susceptible to shifting during transport,

Wrap delicate keepsakes in bubble wrap or other padded material to protect them. To cushion against impact, fill the gaps between items with packing peanuts or crumpled paper.

Bubble wrap can also be used in non-plastic forms such as paper cushioning wrap and packing paper, newspaper or tee shirts. Use holiday linens to protect your Thanksgiving dishes.

  1. Do not over pack boxes

You might be tempted to use as many boxes as possible when packing. Don’t. Do not lift boxes that are too heavy or exceed the cardboard box weight limit.

A #200 standard box can hold 40 pounds and has a capacity of 1.5 cubic feet. You risk the box burst under pressure if you exceed this weight limit. It’s not a good idea for your Thanksgiving decorations to fall through the box.

  1. Use the right containers

You don’t want your belongings to be damaged by a crushed box after carefully packing them. While sturdy cardboard boxes are good for certain items, they may not be the best option.

You shouldn’t keep cloth items, such as holiday table linens, in cardboard. They can become moldy and build up moisture. The cloth can be damaged by pests, so cardboard is not very effective in protecting it.

For fragile items, regular cardboard boxes are not very protective. Specialized cardboard boxes for glasses and dinnerware are better for fragile items.

Plastic totes are more durable than cardboard boxes. They won’t fall apart when fully loaded, and they won’t crack when other boxes are placed on top of them. They fit snugly and protect your belongings against moisture and dust. They can withstand years of use and re-use.

  1. Everything Labeled

Have you ever had to dig through a lot of boxes in an attempt to find holiday decorations? This Thanksgiving tradition is one you won’t want to repeat. Labeling your containers can help you avoid frustration.

Each box should be listed with the type of item. If you have five boxes of decorations, don’t write “Holidays”. You should list the contents and where they were used. Examples: Thanksgiving – table settings; Holiday – guest bedding; Christmas – outside lights.

Labels are essential. Label the sides and top of containers stacked in your storage unit. This will make it easy to locate the exact box you are looking for without having to unpack everything.

  1. for long-term storage, pack

Even if you are just temporarily storing some items to make room for the holidays, long-term storage is a good idea.

Self storage is an excellent solution to store your Thanksgiving treasures throughout the year, even if you aren’t using them. You can store them for longer term storage to keep them safe until next year.

You should make a detailed list listing everything that you intend to store at the storage facility. If possible, include the value and condition. This will ensure that you have a complete list in case something is lost or damaged.

Large furniture should be disassembled as soon as possible to avoid damage. To prevent them from getting tangled, secure cords, hoses and cables.

Use the right boxes and packing materials. Although it may seem convenient and cheap to buy an old grocery store box, its integrity could have been compromised by previous use.

  1. Reputable self-storage facilities are recommended

You need self storage that is affordable and secure, whether you are storing items for the holidays or long-term. Ask how long the self-storage facility has been in operation. Reputation for dependability is earned over many years, not just a few months.

Take a tour of the storage facility. Check that the storage facility is clean and has a pest control program. Ask about security measures. Secure self storage facilities are well lit and well-monitored. They also control access to self storage units.

You should ensure that the storage facility you choose has what you require. Are your items safe if they are exposed to temperature or humidity changes?

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