Area Rugs: Many Advantages

You want to make your space more stylish and cost-effective. Do you want your space warmer, cozier, and more inviting? Do you need to cover a spot on your hardwood or carpet that won’t go away? Do you have pets or kids who are clumsy? An area rug might be the perfect solution for you if your answer is yes. An area rug has many benefits that are often overlooked in interior design. These are just a few of the many benefits offered by area rugs.

Covering Stains That Will Not Move

It can be difficult to hide stains and blemishes when your home is covered with carpet, tile, or old hardwood. You don’t have to go through the expensive and time-consuming process of resealing your floors or re-carpeting your room. Instead, you can use a rug for covering up any unattractive areas. This is especially beneficial if your current house is rented and you don’t have the option to make permanent changes to the carpet or flooring. A great way to cover stains in a rental property is to add an area rug.

Lowering Your Heating Bill

Not only do they increase warmth, but the area rugs can also be used to add warmth. You should insulate your house as much as possible during the Canadian winter. A rug in an area can add warmth, but also style. R-value is the measure of thermal resistance. R-value measures a material’s ability to resist heat flow and insulate. Research has shown that area rugs can insulate spaces approximately 10 times better than hardwood flooring. This insulation is especially important for basement apartments, where floors can get extremely cold. You can add more warmth by placing a pad beneath the rug. These pads will not only keep the rug in place but will also provide insulation.

Making It Easier To Move Through Your House

Rugs feel more comfortable than tiled or hardwood floors. Area rugs are much more comfortable to stand on or walk on than hard surfaces. Not only do they feel soft, but they are also very flexible. Rugs with this flexibility absorb the impact of your movements, taking pressure off your body. A rug is a must if you are using a standing desk or plan on standing for a long time in a particular area. Rug padding is a great way to provide extra insulation. Rug padding can also absorb extra moisture. These pads add extra grip so that the rug will remain in place even after a lot is done. We recommend that you purchase a memory foam pad along with your rug if you have a hard floor. The rug will mold to your feet and give you the feeling of walking on a cloud.

Keep Your Children And Pets Safe

Absorbent area rugs make it easier to balance clumsy pets and children. A soft area rug is a great safety net for your baby or elderly pet. It is much more comfortable to tumble on a rug with a soft surface than on hard flooring. The rug will absorb any fall and result in fewer bruises or tears.

Remodeling A Room

You can also bring an area rug in a room to add a decorative element. This design element can make a space look amazing. There are many area custom logo rugs available, with many choices of colors, textures, shapes, and patterns. There is a rug for every style.

Reducing Noise

If you have neighbors down the hall, they’ll be thrilled to learn that you added an area rug. But they won’t be hearing anything. Rugs reduce noise levels by reducing the volume of space. They reduce sound and echo and make footsteps quieter.

Maintaining A Clean Space

Finally, area rugs can be much more easily cleaned than carpets and hard surface flooring. There is no need to re-varnish the entire floor or tear up the carpet. If you happen to spill on or tear your rug, you can just roll it up and bring the item to Love Your Rug. Any rug material is welcome. We can clean, dust, and dry it. We also offer the rug repair services:

  • Re-Fringing
  • Rug Cutting
  • Rug Binding
  • Re-Surging

Get in touch with Ultimate Mats for more information about how we can help your rug last a lifetime.


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