Are You Wearing The Same Bra Every Day? Why Should You Change It Up?

It’s lovely, but your bra becomes filthy. Even if you don’t leave the house, your bra is working overtime and has the grime to prove it. As disgusting as it may sound, your bra is collecting perspiration, body oils, and dead skin cells. Bras can also be used as a second bib when coffee, wine, or other drinks trickle down your front. Wear a bra one day and then take a vacation from it.

It’s So Annoying

Sweating is a natural byproduct of hot temperatures. Sweating causes skin inflammation. When you wear the same bra every day, you run the risk of skin deterioration. The frequent rubbing in the same area will wear down your skin.

By switching bras, you’ll give those pressure spots a chance to relax. Keep in mind that if you have any shoulder discomfort or skin allergies, you should tell the bra fitter so that they can better accommodate your needs with a bra that properly fits your body!

Bra Has Gone Wild

Do you know how great sweatpants feel when they’re all stretched out? Hello. When you wear your bra for a week, the same thing happens to it. Bras are not designed to be stretched. They should stay lovely and crisp all day to keep your girls raised. You may avoid bra droop by changing your bras more frequently.

If You Adore It, You Should Leave It

It is beneficial to your bras to change them out regularly. You may extend the life of your bras by rotating them more regularly. Good bras are an important investment, so make them endure. We recommend having at least three or four fantastic everyday wear bras in your collection that you rotate to wear equally. If you have more, that’s fantastic! Just be careful to rotate them equally.

How To Take Care Of Your Bras?

The key to extending the life of your Glamorise Bras is to properly care for them by washing them. If you don’t properly clean your bras, you risk ruining or decreasing their lifespans, especially if your bras feature small details or materials. So, when it comes to cleaning them, you have two options.

How To Hand-Wash Bras?

Washing by hand is the ideal option for higher-quality bras with elaborate features, lace, or delicate underwires.

  • Before you start, blot or wipe any stains on your bras with soap.
  • Fill a tub or sink halfway with lukewarm water and detergent, then soak your bras for around 10-15 minutes.
  • Gently massage your bras to ensure that the detergent is absorbed by the fabric.
  • Remove the water. Carefully rinse and drain out any excess liquid from your bra without wringing or straining it.
  • Air dry.

How To Machine Wash Your Bras?

Here is some advice on how to wash your bras in the washing machine for those more durable, everyday-wear bras or if you’re just short on time.

  • Check that all of your bra hooks are closed.
  • Utilize a lingerie bag. This keeps your bras from becoming tangled up with the rest of your items in the wash.
  • Wash them on a lukewarm, gentle cycle.
  • Do not dry your bras in the washing machine. The best method is to line dry or put your bras out to dry.