Air Cooler Buying Tips-Tips To Help You Choose The Right Air Cooler

The arrival of a long and hot summer means that summer temperatures will rise. People turn to cool appliances to cool their homes and offices. A cool, comfortable place to be on a hot summer’s day is the air-conditioned room. However, air conditioners can make it more expensive. Skyrocketing electricity prices in summers are a nightmare for many homes and business owners. Air evaporative coolers are a great solution. They are much more efficient than air conditioners that consume a lot of electricity, produce fresh and healthy air, and are also far less expensive than the air conditioners that use a lot of power.

It is crucial that you choose the right air conditioner for your needs. Although buying an air conditioner may seem simple, many people find themselves overwhelmed by the variety of features and functions available. We have created a buying guide that will help you select the best air cooler for your office or home. Before we go into the different types and notable features of air coolers, let’s first learn how they work and why they are better than air conditioners.

What Is The Work Of An Air Cooler?

Air coolers cool the air by evaporating water. Sweating exemplifies evaporative cooling. If it’s cooler, warm, fresh air passes through an evaporating medium, which cools the pads. A pump circulates water through the pads. Water flows through the air to remove heat. The vapor is then blown into the room by a fan. Air coolers today have ice trays. Air coolers can keep windows and doors partially open to maintain fresh air circulation.

Air Cooler Benefits

Energy-saving A more efficient air conditioner can reduce electricity bills by 10 times. Inverter technology reduces energy usage in many air coolers.

Inverter air coolers have a quieter motor, making it easier to work and attend video conferences.

Air coolers are eco-friendly because they don’t use CFCs. Instead of CO2, they use evaporative cooling.

Coolers circulate fresh air by cooling outside hot air. Filtered, moist, easy-to-breathe air is circulated. It hydrates skin.

Different Types Of Air Coolers

There are so many options when it comes to choosing an air cooler. Before you start your search for the right air cooler, it’s important to understand the differences between them. There are four types of air coolers: Desert air coolers; Personal air coolers; Tower air coolers; and Window air coolers.

Desert Air Coolers

Desert air coolers are a great solution for areas with dry climates. They have large tanks, a big fan or blower, and a powerful motor. With their excellent air throw and delivery, these coolers can cool large areas. Desert air coolers have a tank capacity of over 100-liters and can provide continuous cooling for hours.

Personal Air Conditioners

Personal air cooling units are compact and portable. They can be used in tight spaces or areas that don’t require open cooling. Personal air coolers are quieter than desert coolers and use far less energy. Personal air coolers take up less space than desert coolers and are more comfortable when they are within reach.

Tower Air Coolers

The Tower air cooling coolers are slim and sleek, making them easy to fit into tight spaces. These coolers are more efficient than other types of coolers because they deliver air at a higher level.

Window Air Conditioners

The name Window air coolers refer to the fact that they are designed to be installed in windows. This allows you to save floor space, which you can then use for other purposes.