Common FAQs Associated With Lifeline Discounted Communication Program

What is the current Lifeline Program benefit?

Current benefits of the Lifeline program to the eligible subscriber are $9.25 monthly for bundled or broadband services that fulfill minimum broadband support standards. Some subscribers need voice service and the discount they get is up to $5.25 monthly. Discount applies to wireless or wireline services.

How much does the Tribal Lifeline Program discount?

Low-income eligible subscribers residing in the Tribal lands gain increased support up to $25 besides the $9.25, which equals $34.25 every month. 

How do determine eligibility for the low-income Lifeline program?

You can visit the Assurance Wireless platform to use the national verifier tool. Just enter your Zip code number to check if you qualify for the Lifeline government phone program.

What are the eligibility requirements?

  • The consumer’s income has to be at or less than 135% of the Federal Poverty guiding principle
  • or
  • The consumer has to be enrolled in specific and approved needs-based programs. 

USAC has established a pre-screening tool that determines an applicant’s eligibility. After getting enrolled, the subscribers will have to mandatorily verify their eligibility every year. If the subscriber becomes ineligible then he/she has to contact the partaking service provider to get de-rolled from the Lifeline program. If ignored, there can be permanent disbarment from the Lifeline program or/and penalty or imprisonment.

How to apply for the Lifeline Program?

Contact the state-designated Lifeline program provider in your state [check the USCA website to locate the lifeline program provider in your locality]. You will be given a Lifeline program application form by the provider. Information to fill includes name, date of birth, address, and last 4-digits of SSN or Tribal ID. If the application is based on –

  • Household income eligibility, then show income documentation as proof.
  • Program eligibility, then show program participation documentation as proof.

The Lifeline service provider will process your application. Your shared information will be entered within the USAC database for verifying your identity and if you are currently receiving Lifelong benefits or not. 

How many discounted services can an applicant receive?

Only one Lifeline benefit is received per household, according to the Federal Rules. The low-income eligible subscriber will get a discount on wireless/wireline voice or on bundled or broadband service. If a single member in your household is receiving more than one Lifeline service every month then ensure to keep just one and de-enroll from the other services or you can be subjected to a violation of the rule and enforced to pay civil penalties or go to the prison.

What is the definition of ‘Household’ according to Lifeline program guidelines?

In general, ‘Household’ means an individual or a group of people living together under a single roof as one economic entity. In a household, all the adults contribute towards the household expenses and share their income. Lifeline program forms ask applicants about the income of every adult member in the household. If one member has already subscribed for the Lifeline program then no other member is considered eligible. There is a possibility that more than one household can reside at the same address but have a separate economic entity.