Is Vaginal Nausea Normal?

Good sex should leave you feeling buzzing. If you feel tingly, numb, or unable to climax, we can help.

A tingling sensation of numbness doesn’t differ from the “pins and needles” feeling that you may get when your leg or arm “goes to bed.”

It is almost always nerve-related. This sensation can occur during sexual activity, or when the person is aroused.

This is quite distinct from the complete absence of feeling numbness.

If you don’t feel any in your sexual activity, there could be something more serious.

A temporary feeling of numbness is not usually a reason to be concerned

If it occurs after sex it is more likely to be caused by hypersensitivity, overstimulation, or overstimulation in the genitals.

Dr. Peter Lotze says, “Some people are very sensitive after sex and don’t like any further touching.”

Most often, post-sex nerve pain will feel like tingling. But Dr. Peter Lotze said it can be different for everyone.

Some people may feel this [sensitivity] as numbness. This can make it difficult for your partner to want to continue with you even though you don’t feel anything.”

The good news? Any vaginal numbness that you feel after sex will usually go away with some rest.

Let’s Be Honest: It’s Not Your Sexy

Contrary to some myths that might be frightening, sex toys won’t harm your vagina.

Although, indeed, sex toy stimulation can temporarily cause numbness after an orgasm,

Dr. Peter Lotze states that some sex toys, including vibrators, can cause numbness before orgasm.

She states again, “This doesn’t cause lasting damage.” You can just [turn it off] and have fun.

It is often linked to underlying stress and hormonal change

Some women may feel numb or less sensitive due to the hormonal changes brought on by Menopause.

Dr. Peter Lotze says that this is because of “lower estrogens, which cause tissues of the vagina and vulva to become thinner, dryer, and less elastic.”

Stress Could Cause Numbness, Especially If It Persists.

Dr. Peter Lotze states, “Sexual function depends on what is happening consciously or subconsciously and what’s happening.”

One 2014 study revealed that high levels of chronic stress in vulva individuals were associated with lower levels of genital sexual desire.

This could be due to high levels of cortisol and stress-related mental distractions.

It could also be an issue with vaginal deliveries

Giving birth can place pressure on, stretch or injure your pelvic floor nerves. This is more common if the baby was large.

Sexual assault or another trauma could lead to numbness in your sexual activity.

It could be because of a personal injury you suffered or a psychological reaction. A doctor may be able to help you if you have a history involving assaults or trauma. It could also be due to an underlying condition. You may also have symptoms or persistent vaginal pain.

This can include a herniated disc, or in certain cases, a tumor that compresses the nerves of the affected area.

Other symptoms such as trouble walking, urination problems, or bowel movements could be present in either of these situations.

Dr. Peter Lotze suggests that it may also be related to certain autoimmune disorders, like lupus and a herpetic infection.

If it’s itchy herpes then you may also feel pain, itching, and sores.

Diabetes can also lead to numbness. This is because diabetes can also cause Neuropathy (tingling or numbness in certain parts of your body).

It is unlikely that you will feel numbness only in the vaginal area.

Dr. Peter Lotze also says that numbness may be caused by multiple sclerosis or obesity.

She explained that this disorder affects the nerves of the lower spinal cord. It is a medical emergency.

Vaginal numbness can also be experienced.

  • Back pain
  • Buttocks pain
  • Leg weakness
  • Thigh numbness
  • The trouble with bladder and bowel functions
  • You have a lot of options

Treatment Will Depend On The Diagnosis. A Gynecologist Will Perform A Pelvic Exam

The next steps will depend on the diagnosis of your doctor.

You will be sent to a neurologist for further testing if the doctor suspects that you have a herniated disc or a tumor.

If you believe the problem is due to pelvic damage, your doctor may refer you to a physical therapist who specializes in pelvic rehabilitation.

They will offer you various treatments and exercises that can help you regain sensation.

If trauma or stress is the root cause, you may be referred for help by a psychologist.

Your doctor may change your medication or prescribe Viagra. Viagra dilates blood vessels to improve sexual pleasure in all sexes.