Top Tips For Accent Reduction You Must Know

Each person has a unique accent depending on where they are from. Some immigrants can reduce their accents over time. Others struggle to reduce their accent.

Accent training is something that you can do. Continue reading if you are looking for an easy way to eliminate accents.

We are sharing the best accent reduction tips with you.

What Is Accent Reduction? And How Do You Tell If You Need Help

Accent reduction is based upon intonation. It is the way rhythm, pitch, melody, and melody are combined to group words together.

Australian English has a unique melody style that is different from other languages. It is possible to pronounce English words much more clearly if you know how to speak Australian English correctly.

Questions To Ask Yourself

Ask yourself these questions to determine if you require Australian accent training.

Are you a fast or forceful speaker? Are you prone to deleting syllables or sounds as you speak?

Are there people who complain that you mumble a lot? Are others asking you to repeat the things you just said? Do they find it difficult to understand you when you share a story?

How To Get Rid Of An Accent

There are many ways to remove an accent so that you sound more Australian or don’t feel like you have to repeat yourself constantly.


It’s easier to pronounce your words clearly if you speak slower. People will also be able to hear you better if you speak slowly.

Ask your family and friends to identify the words they are having trouble understanding. It’s possible to practice speaking the words until you understand them better.

You can speak faster once you have mastered English speaking skills.

Practice Is The Best

English grammar is very different from other languages. English grammar heavily relies on the order in which words are placed. You can improve your Australian English accent with the help of books.

Believe In Yourself

Although it might seem difficult at first, learning Australian English can be done without an accent. As you practice, you will notice improvements if you believe in yourself, and trust that you are in control.

You won’t need to work so hard after a while. What once seemed hard will soon become a routine.

Taping yourself can help you track how far you are. This will keep you motivated.

Commit Yourself

It takes time to learn how to speak Australian accents. Practice at least 15 minutes per day, five days a week.

You won’t see any improvement if you only practice your skills occasionally. You’ll see a difference in three to five weeks if you commit.

Learn To Intonate

As you speak, practice your intonation. When practicing aloud, make sure that your voice falls before a period or a comma.

This allows the listener to know when you are at the end of a sentence.

Listen To The Radio And Watch TV

Listening to others’ pronunciations is another way to learn. Listening to the radio or watching TV is a great way to learn.

Listening to English music or audiobooks in English can help to learn how to imitate the accent that you desire. Listen to a few sentences and then stop. Then, repeat those sentences.

To see how close, you are to the accent you desire, you might want to record yourself.

Learn From A Tutor

You can join a Pronunciation School because working with a tutor is the best way to learn accent training. A tutor can help you to focus on your accent, and create a plan that will help you lose it.

You will be given exercises by a tutor to help you achieve your desired accent throughout the week.