What Can A Tax Attorney Do For You?

Accounting is a talent that tax lawyers have, but they also have unique jobs. Tax lawyers may assist you to interact with the IRS in writing or defend you in court. Although a tax expert may be able to do simple accounting activities like bookkeeping, you wouldn’t pay them for it. They solely focus on the area where law and accounting meet.

Why You Should Employ a Tax Attorney?

As you can see, a tax lawyer is far more versatile than a CPA. You may want the assistance of a tax expert for a variety of reasons. These are the top five justifications for getting one.

1) Your Tax Returns Are Past Due

Are you having trouble filing years’ worth of unfiled tax returns? Instead of a personal accountant who can assist you in filling them out and sending them in, a tax attorney is a better option. They can assist you in negotiating the processing and submission of such returns with the IRS. They won’t have to defend you before the IRS, which may be tense, particularly if they owe you money for many years’ worth of back taxes. An IRS agent will assist you in speaking with the IRS and letting them know you have their back. It will ease some difficult circumstances.

2) Want to Launch a New Business

It might be challenging to launch a new business. The company has to be legally formed (you may choose an S-corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship), and you’ll also need to take care of the paperwork, apply for an EIN, and open bank accounts. The company might be sophisticated even if it is new. You may get help from an expert tax lawyer at every level of this procedure. They have a wealth of planning and company formation knowledge.

3) You Must Get Assistance with Estate Planning

Planning an estate is challenging. You may prepare your estate with the aid of a tax attorney. They can handle all the paperwork so that your estate is properly arranged. They may choose the most qualified trustees to manage the money or assist in creating trusts. A tax attorney may assist you with a nonprofit organization and money distribution. All facets of estate preparation might be aided by a tax lawyer. Your succession plan will be built up as painlessly and easily as feasible. In addition, they may assist you with any queries or worries you may have about the administration of your estate.

4) Tax liens and IRS wage garnishments

There are few things worse than learning that the IRS will garnish your earnings and impose tax liens on your property. Ever since you disregarded all notifications of unpaid taxes, the IRS has been aggressively pursuing you. If the IRS determines that you owe enough money but fail to pay it, they may in certain situations even initiate criminal procedures against you. If that’s the case, a tax attorney can assist you. The IRS may be contacted and communicated with through your tax attorney. They may assist you in coming up with an IRS payment schedule or a one-time payment to halt garnishment and lien efforts. The IRS may cooperate with you and the tax attorney to discover a solution as long as your agreement is upheld.

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