Why Do People Smoke The IQOS Cigarette?

The introduction of IQOS was the most significant advancement in the tobacco industry in recent years. Would you like to give up smoking? It is now time to change the course of events. Discover the advantages of using IQOS, the game-changing tobacco technology that allows you to make a clean transition.

There Is No Smoke Produced When Using The IQOS, Only Vapor

Because it is high time for you and the people around you to be able to enjoy a more satisfying experience when using tobacco. There are no repercussions for the air quality in any buildings or other areas caused by IQOS. Because the aerosols and vapors produced by IQOS dissipate more quickly than those produced by traditional cigarettes, IQOS generates a far less offensive odor than regular cigarettes and leaves far fewer stains on upholstery and drapes than traditional cigarettes do.

You never go anywhere without your trusty IQOS at your side. The iqos iluma warms up in a matter of seconds, and as soon as you’re done using it, it goes off by itself. It’s as easy as that!

Subjected To The Strictest Of Evaluations

IQOS has been subjected to extensive scientific assessments, including 18 non-clinical and 10 clinical investigations to date, with participants numbering in the hundreds. The totality of the information suggests that using IQOS is not risk-free; nonetheless, making the transition entirely to IQOS poses far fewer dangers to one’s health than maintaining one’s smoking habit.

Why The Use Of Heat Is Preferable?

The world just cannot function properly without the aid of technology. Over time, it has brought about positive changes in our lives. How we go about our daily business, communicate, and travel. To come up with a better alternative to smoking, we combined scientific research and technological innovation.

With the help of IQOS, adult smokers who would otherwise keep smoking are allowed to take pleasure in tobacco in a more satisfying way.

Instead of burning the tobacco, IQOS warms it first. And the explanation for this is rather straightforward: When tobacco is burned, it releases large amounts of potentially hazardous compounds, such as carbon monoxide. The IQOS Heat Control technology stops tobacco from catching fire, which lowers the total quantity of toxic compounds and the concentration of those chemicals compared to smoke from cigarettes.

IQOS’s Proprietary Heating Technology

When a cigarette is lit, the tobacco in it will burn at temperatures of around 600 degrees Celsius. The process of combustion results in the production of smoke and ash. When a smoker inhales, the temperature of the burning ash cone quickly climbs to 800 degrees Celsius.

More than 6,000 different compounds make the complex combination that is cigarette smoke. Of these chemicals, around 100 have been implicated in the development of illnesses that are associated with smoking by public health authorities.

The IQOS Heat Control technology brings the temperature of the tobacco to a lower level (below 350°C), which prevents it from igniting. Moreover, because there is no fire involved, IQOS does not produce any smoke. When compared to smoking traditional cigarettes, inhaling the vapor produced by an IQOS device provides a superior flavor experience while exposing users to 95% less dangerous chemicals.

Regular Cigarettes Release A Greater Number Of Toxic Compounds Than IQOS

When tobacco is burned in cigarettes, a significant amount of carbon monoxide is released into the atmosphere. When opposed to cigarette smoke, IQOS does not burn tobacco, therefore it produces substantially lower amounts of other dangerous chemicals and on average has 98% less carbon monoxide (CO).