Hot weather cooling for poultry and livestock includes misting or spraying with enough air velocity to encourage evaporation or direct cooling of air via fogging or other evaporative cooling pad as part of a mechanical ventilation system. Evaporative cooler pads are a great way to reduce the temperature inside aContinue Reading

A heat pump is a popular heating system in most homes. But many homeowners don’t understand what the auxiliary heat is. People often confuse auxiliary and emergency heat. Homeowners must be familiar with the definition of auxiliary. The homeowner will gain a better understanding of how their system works. They’llContinue Reading

A home is a place where a man feels the safest. However, finding a home is a daunting task especially then when you are in cities like Manhattan, Boston, New York etc. Since the real estate market is always in a buzz, it is difficult to find the right homeContinue Reading